Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Regarding Justified Violence vs. Unjustified Violence

The following is my Comment/Response to this article by Metin Basoglu, which appears in Issue number 2768 of The New Scientist Magazine, dated July 13, 2010:


Allow me to clarify and qualify myself by stating the following; my purpose is not served by jumping into one extreme or the opposite, but by serving the cause of truth, to which I subscribe, and also serving the cause of peace, which are not mutually exclusive! In other words; most people tend to inadvertently over-complicate things by taking things to easy in an effort to simplify and thus they tend to join one irrational and illogical camp against the other! I seek to avoid such extremes; as my interests lie in a world that is relatively moderate and reasonably safe, secure and sensible! In almost all wars the initial perpetrators of unjustified violence can be found on both sides, albeit more so on one side than the other!

I do not agree with much of what Metin states in this article. This article over-simplifies things and makes it seem like there is a moral and ethical equivalence between those fanatic pseudo-religious extremists who initiate unjustified violence with those who are forced by circumstance to prevent greater violence and danger by justified violent self-defense.
No doubt about it: the Nazis began by fabricating Big Lies about who caused Germany to suffer following their defeat in World War One and they were the ones who started the fire by murdering innocent people! No doubt the excessive punishment was a major factor, but unlike the German Communists, Socialists and Social Democrats the Nazis deliberately omitted crucial facts about how and why World War One began and distorted reality so as to generate greater hatred, anger and fear, mostly directed at easy targets, vulnerable scapegoats and other innocent groups. While it is true that the Bush Administration managed to make things even worse and its overall domestic and foreign policies actually weakened our ability to fight the enemy and prevent further harm to our democracies; there should be no doubt about the fact that it was the enemy, pseudo-Islamic fanatic extremists who hijacked and distorted Islam, who started the fire! While there are some significant differences between the Nazis and the sick pseudo-Islamic violencesors; there are also common factors, including the use of anti-Jewish anti-Semitic lies and fabrications and forgeries. Violence begins with deliberate defamation of the prospective enemy. Sure; some acts of defamation have been perpetrated by those who over-react to the malicious acts of the other side, but the fact remains that one side is more to blame than the other. Of course, pending on which side you already happen to have been born to, the determination of which side is most to blame may seem itself a rather subjective thing.
Nevertheless; the reality is clear: the majority of the victims are not the minority on both sides who perpetuate malicious ideas and acts!
We cannot afford to be weak in the face of the sick violencesors who brainwash susceptible fools and who are themselves self-justifying fanatics! To cave-in to the pseudo-Islamic and pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Jewish, etc., violencesors would lead to the same result that efforts at appeasing Hitler and his Nazis lead to! And that is something we can never allow to happen! Justified Violence used against those who perpetrated Unjustified Violence cannot, in of itself, achieve the long-term goals desired, and thus Justified Violence (i.e. our forces fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan) must also be accompanied by non-violent efforts that work to empower people in constructive, progressive and meaningful ways!

Ultimately we must, sooner than later, create a truly Ethical Global Society based on the most Sensible Principles; such as upholding Individual Human Rights, Liberties and Freedoms! Otherwise increasing confusion, paranoia, corruption and crime will lead to total chaos and a final collapse!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Israel and The Palestinians: Setting The RECORD Straight For The Umpteenth Time!

The following is a comment made by one Joss Lloyd at The Liberal Democrats facebook site's most recent statement on the Gaza Aid Flotilla incident:
(Words of Joss Lloyd): "All you Pro Israeli activists on here seem to have no desire to try and see things from the palestinians point of view. The fact is, Muslims had been living in the Holy Land for over 2000 years, and then suddenly Britain and America start supporting another group of people, (who happen to be jewish) , with weapons and tanks, to invade their country, palestine. burning arab settlements, killing and raping the moslems, and eventually forcing all who survived into a tiny strip of land on the coast and THEN stopping any kind of humanintarian aid getting in. And you wonder why the palestinians hate the Americans, and are not too keen on the Israelis either. If I was a palestinian, i would probably want to blow up something american."

TO WHICH I WROTE: @Joss Lloyd "Muslims have been living in the Holy Land for over 2000 years" ????? Why do people make comments on important issues they OBVIOUSLY know NOTHING about! Islam came into existence (The Prophet Muhammad) almost 600 years AFTER Christianity! It began in the Arab Peninsula, out of Medina/Mecca, at which time the lands called Canaan and Philistia (what was and is Israel and Judea/Samaria) were mostly inhabited by non-Arabs! In fact; until the Islamic Conquest it was the Romans who had DISPLACED, MASSACRED, ENSLAVED the Jews of Canaan/Israel/Judea/Samaria, had brutalized them and forced them into exile! Those Jews were part-Sumerian who became part-Canaanite and part-Egyptian (all Semitic peoples). Before the arrival of Abraham and his fellow tribes-folk the Canaanites were the inhabitants..they were not ARABS! And IN FACT it was the Canaanites who had MASSACRED virtually all of the Philistini! The REAL, ORIGINAL Palestinians! The Philistini were a coastal people whose origins seem to be similar to the Cretans and Phoenicians. The noun Palestinian comes from Philistini; and the current people of Gaza and the West Bank are actually just as much a mish-mash mix of Arab, Egyptian, Greek, Syrian and other peoples! During the Crusades Muslims and Jews were massacred by so-called Christians! While average Muslims tended to be friendly towards their Jewish minority neighbours; their leaders treated that minority of local (original) Jews and Christians as second-class citizens, often subject to greater burdens in the form of penalty taxes (for not converting to Islam), and as scape-goats during hard times! The Jews historic presence in Canaan and Philistia goes back over 3000 years..twice as long as that of Muslims! And 1/3 longer than Christians! Your analogy is incorrect! Suppose the Native American Indians had mostly been massacred and forced into exile throughout the world and had, during that time, inter-married with all the other peoples of Earth and then decided to return to the last place where they had lived for the longest time as a mostly-sovereign people? How was Great Britain and The United States (as well as the rest of the UN Security Council) wrong in seeking to return the Jewish people to their historic lands?? About 1.5 Billion people, roughly 1/5 of the World's total population, are Muslims! Of which around 320 Million are Middle-Eastern and North-African Arab Muslims! The total land-mass that the Arab Muslims inhabit and politically control is hundreds of times that of Israel! If the Jewish peoples were to get a FAIR share of land in the region...as divided by population...then they should get almost twice the land that they have now! But all Jews in Israel seek is a place to live relatively free and safe from anti-Semitic hatred that still plagues much of the rest of the world!

Here is a web-site that shows the Physical Land-Dispute REALITY even though I do not agree with the specific language and attitude of those who made it:


MIND YOU: while I very much disagree with some of the specific wordingm the anti-Arab rhetoric (the level of hostility towards Israel fluctuates and is sometimes less than what the mass media makes it appear) and attitude (while the “Palestinians” are actually more Arab than not and are not the ancient Philistini people massacred by the pre-Jewish Canaanites; they too are as much victims of this horrific on-going tragedy as most Israelis and Jews are) of the pro-Israel group that created the above comparative web-site the statistics they provide are very accurate and those statistics very clearly show how totally UNFAIR the World is in mis-representing the Israelis as the expansionists and occupiers! Sure: the current government of Israel is not conducive enough towards reaching a peaceful settlement, but nor is the Palestinian leadership. Roughly 60% of people on both sides want PEACE yesterday! But the world’s profiteers like to profit off the conflict; as it forces all players to arm themselves to the teeth!



ADDENDUM: As for Joss Lloyd's sick anti-Americanism: Joss also needs to be taught a little USA History too! As much as I love the best of English high culture I detest blatant anti-Americanism, especially given King George's brutality! Down with King George Hooray for King Charles The Second!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mark Kostabi and "CON ARTIST" : The Quest for Love In The Age of Confusion.

The reason why Mark Kostabi DID what he DID in the 1980s is quite evident when one takes into consideration what has really been going on in the world of Modern Art Collectorship! I will not elaborate on WHAT has been going on, because anyone with any real intelligence can figure that out for themselves, but what matters is that Mark Kostabi VIOLATED most of the RULES and UPSET most of those who SET-UP the RULES or who RE-ENFORCED them! Early on Mark realized that REAL ARTISTIC TALENT did not really matter as much as other things which had less to do with REAL ART and more to do with the BUSINESS of SELLING (and re-selling) so-called REAL ART and selling Art In General! Mark Kostabi began his FACTORY, inspired by Warhol and stimulated by Basquiat (all three people I have met/known), hoping to cause a MAJOR RIFT in the world of Modern Art Collectorship and hoping to DEPOSE the BIG BUSINESS 'ART' DEALERS! Anyone who cautiously reads his early interviews, and especially his Self-Interview in his book "Sadness Because The Video Rental Store Was Closed" can clearly see what his real motive is! You just have to READ BETWEEN THE LINES! Kostabi had discovered Picasso's and Warhol's not-entirely-secret AGENDA! And Kostabi sought to become the one who would deliver what Picasso and Warhol had ultimately failed to achieve! The AGENDA! What is IT? Well; one might say it is what Dali and Basquiat would have ultimately wanted! Hint: use your IMAGINE-ation, as John Lennon would say! Unfortunately; Kostabi has also failed to do what he set out, and because he realizes he is running out of time he figured he might as well GO FOR BROKE and do WHATEVER IT MIGHT TAKE to regain momentum! Is "CON ARTIST" the answer? Will Kostabi manage to achieve what Picasso and Warhol could not? A look at the Condition of The World in general should make it clear that the ODDS are OVERWHELMINGLY against success!

Is this to say that there is NO REAL HOPE? No. There is HOPE, but chances are there is a group of Extra-Terrestrials who adore Kostabi's "slick" Kostabinoids (the vague, androgynous humanoid forms that are basis of his style of paintings), and it is more likely that it will be THEIR ARRIVAL that will achieve what Kostabi has been seeking to achieve!

In the meantime; we must continue to remember the past as if versions of it could happen in the present. As Santayana might have put it: "Those Who Forget The Mistakes of The Past Are Condemned to Repeat Them" - J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher. What George Santayana actually wrote ( in his "The Life of Reason" ) was: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." My Free Advice to Mark Kostabi is this: Remember this; those who really had a significant and relatively positive impact on Human History, whose impact furthered Progress Towards a Truly Enlightened and More Peaceful World were people who had no qualms about sharing their stage with others and actually making that stage a Mutually Beneficial Collaborative Effort! So: How about it Mark? Are you willing to let me too benefit from your fame and fortune?? Or will you IGNORE my Free Advice and treat me the way people 'higher up" have treated you? Or as Lao Tzu said to Confucius: You Know That I Know That You Know That I Know That You Know....etc....

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher & The Original New York City Free Advice Man (written-up in The New Yorker, Aug. 17, 1987).

About "CON ARTIST": "CON ARTIST" is the World's Greatest documentary ever made (and the only one so far) about The World's Greatest Pseudo-Con-Artist Artist, Musician and Game-Show-Host Mark Kostabi who rose to major fame in the mid-80s New York Avant-Garde Modern Art Scene. The movie, superbly Directed and Produced by Michael Sladek, is a viscously self-referencing movie about a viscously self-referencing artist-turned-real-life-Don-Quixote who is on a mission to attack the windmills of viscously self-referencing artists, dealers and critics in a viscously self-referencing world full of viscously self-referencing mediocre-minded wannabes! All in all; it's a smashingly entertaining, inadvertently funny and even shockingly brutally sharp psychological expose of raw emotion and contrived self-reflection on the part of a highly creative and brilliant Philosopher of Art masquerading as a lover of money! You will be glued to your seat and pee in your under-alls and if you are really, really lucky the movie-theatre usher will blame you and not the movie! So be sure to wear Pampers filled with plenty of 500 Euro bills to help absorb the mushy-ness, if not the shock! Truly a shockingly honest self-promoting self-confession of a blatantly straightforward artistic contortionist! - Review by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo.

Thursday, May 27, 2010



Anti-social plutocratic racist elitist systems of Fascism and Nazism have existed under different names and variations throughout much of human history. For example the Spartans were the Fascists, and also to some extent the Nazis, of their times, just as the Athenians were the anti-Fascists, to some extent, of those times. There are many other examples, and there are systems that fall somewhere in-between or which have elements of both opposites! In other words: Fascism and Nazism have their roots in earlier forms of similarly horrific systems of governance.

By their very definition Fascism and Nazism have as their general goal the destruction of Liberal Democracy and Progressive Humanism, in effect the destruction of pro-social systems of governance that have at their core Individual Human Rights, Liberties and Freedoms.

History of The Conspiracy

There is more than sufficient evidence that proves that from 1935 onwards Hitler’s Nazi elite began to infiltrate vulnerable governments throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world. They even used significant sums of money to corrupt officials throughout South and Central America, and in parts of Africa and Asia.

Before the very end of World War Two Hitler and the Nazi Party elite, realizing they had lost the ‘conventional’ war, must have made plans, in connection to earlier contingency plans, to have enough of their number escape to remote areas of the world, mostly in South America, where they would be able to regroup, combine their resources (including billions of dollars worth in stolen loot), finalize their alternative plan for world domination and begin to pursue those plans to destroy Liberal Democracies!

In the final months, weeks and days of World War Two, with help from the most Reactionary anti-Semitic elements within the Vatican and with the help of Reactionary Militarists in North America and elsewhere, hundreds of elite SS officers and Nazi Party officials, possibly including Hitler himself, managed to escape to South and Central America, to places like Bariloche, Argentina and Nuevo Germania, Paraguay, where they had already built elaborate Germanic communities and mini-fiefdoms! Many arrived by U-boats or by ship and trains, and with the help of South American Nazis like Juan Peron they were able to begin to regroup and plan ahead. Even the occasional arrest of high-profile Nazi war criminals would not deter them; and there is reason to think that they actually sacrificed some of the most prominent of their own to Nazi-hunters, as part of an overall campaign of creating the false impression that few important Nazis had escaped and fewer still would be able to avoid being captured by the Allies and Israel.

Given that the Fascists and Nazis could not win by so-called conventional war it was only logical that they realized that they would have to implement a much more elaborate plan; one that would take decades, great patience and very cautious, subtle and clever moves.

The Conspiracy

Their plan would take advantage of existing political realities, entities, groups and conflicts; including socio-economic class warfare and related social divisions, as well as the tendency of most people, even at the more educated levels of society, to dismiss anyone who might stumble upon their conspiracy to undermine Democracy as crackpot paranoiacs. They understood how by simply putting money into the hands of certain violent extremist groups and certain less violent but equally divisive groups they would be able to weaken social cohesion and create distrust, tension and greater conflict within otherwise relatively democratic societies. Most of those groups would never really know or be able to discover the ultimate actual source of their funds and would readily assume that they were coming from vast numbers of racists, anti-Semites, xenophobes, ultra-nationalists and/or religious fanatics who otherwise tend to lie low and blend into the mainstream of society! Furthermore; they understood very well how to set groups against one another and how to take advantage of organized criminal groups and their internecine wars for turf and power-control. They also knew how to use narcotics to further complicate life and create even more dangerous social divisions that would lead to even more anti-Democratic methods of governance and law-enforcement; not to mention how they would also be able to corrupt law enforcement and government officials and authorities. Most importantly they understood how they would be able to help position key individuals, whose reactionary extreme-Capitalist right-wing political tendencies mirrored their own, into the many already existing secret societies and elite clubs.

Most of their plan did (and still does) not involve direct infiltration at all, but simply helping insure that just enough key positions are occupied by people they can either control and use to gain further information on other key people in society or people whose political tendencies and behavior help create further strife and derision in society. They also would and have made sure that they would deliberately strengthen the kind of typical wishy-washy groups and people who would be highly ineffective in dealing with all the new social ills and related conflicts that would arise. Furthermore; they would also deliberately insure that not only would they indirectly control the Commercial Mass Media, by cleverly helping position those who would not be smart enough to connect the dots but they also helped set up their own Conspiracy Theorists both to discredit any serious logical Conspiracy Theorists and in order to gather further information on those naive people who fall for it! By gradually gaining more and more control over the public opinion manufacturers and the supposed opposition to the mass media they would help silence anyone and any group of people who might begin to connect the dots and see a pattern! To understand just how elaborate, cautious and clever the Remnant Nazis were and their offspring are in executing their grand conspiracy one must realize that groups of people with extreme hate and anger are the most motivated to devising ever-more-clever ways to harm their enemies, to undermine the fabric of those types of societies that they oppose and to create greater confusion.

On a broader level they understood how to undermine moves towards peaceful settlement of those key international and national conflicts that if resolved would actually strengthen Democracy and Human Rights and Individual Liberties and Freedoms. It is most likely that this is what has been going on in relation to efforts to reach a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Arab World. After all; there is more than ample evidence that the Nazi Third Reich had as one of its top foreign policy priorities taking advantage of historic conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims, especially Jews. That is why they made sure not to show any outright indications of their racial supremacist views towards Arabs! The Third Reich intended to liquidate the Jews, primarily because of the fact that educated Jews tended to be the strongest advocates of Democracy, Human Rights, Individual Liberties and Freedoms! In the eyes of the Nazis the Jews were the intellectual force behind Humanism and Democratic governance (which is true and good). Note: my use of the term “Aryan” in the next few sentences is not meant to reflect the actual Aryan peoples, as found in Northern India, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Persia, but the so-called “Aryan” races, including Germanic, Celtic and Viking races, as defined by Hitler and his Nazi elites. ….. But for all non-Aryan non-Germanic peoples who were not Jewish, Gypsy or “Queer” ( I use this as someone who is also of LGBT identity ) the Nazis intended to create various levels of enslavement and various tiers of social castes! The darker Arabs and semi-African Arabs would be enslaved, while the lighter-complexioned Arabs and semi-Aryan Arabs would be second-class allies of the Supreme Race! Had the Arabs known this then, and were they to understand this today, then the Arab world would have actually already sought to create unity-in-diversity with Jews and other non-Aryan peoples! Their agenda has not changed, even though their tactics have changed.

There can be no doubt that they made it a priority to both indirectly (via useful proxies) infiltrate Israel and the USA, the country with the most number of Jews in the world, and to promote the most reactionary groups, including self-hating Jews and ultra-nationalist reactionary pseudo-Jews and extremist hate groups, such that they would be able to eventually devastate the lives of those Jews who would become activists against racism and anti-Democratic authoritarian regimes. It is no wonder that the minority of highly educated Jews who sense that there is something very wrong, very sinister and alien, in the behavior of most of those Jews who wield power in Israel are easily dismissed as kooks and as self-hating Jews and threats to the national interests of Israel! Of course, the Remnant Nazi plan included (includes) efforts to indirectly promote the voices of those harshest of critics who truly are self-hating Jews in order to more easily help discredit the voices of those true progressive Jews who are actually not self-hating and who support an Israel that is true to the philosophy of the moderates of times past. The conspiracy benefits greatly from the fact that the only loud voices of dissent being indirectly promoted by the Remnant Nazis and their offspring are coming from confused (i.e. misinformed, defense-naive) but otherwise highly educated Jews like Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky and Gerald Kaufman (not to mention the late chess champion Bobby Fischer). In a sense it could be said that the basic motto of the Remnant Nazis and their offspring might be: “Find clever ways to promote those who themselves use half-truths and are masters of the Big Lie!”. And the aforementioned explains why the moment a relative obscure person, Jewish or sympathetic to those who have suffered the egregious injustices of anti-Semitism, begins to raise alarm bells they will be easily dismissed and lumped with the likes of Chomsky and Finkelstein.

Exploiting the Cold War was also a boon to their conspiracy’s long-term goals, as they could use the West’s natural fear of Communism and Stalinism to help position reactionaries who would be sympathetic to their interests, should the time come to totally take over control of governments!

Nor were/are they averse to forming indirect alliances of mutual interest, via less obvious proxies, with elite plutocrats and organizations in Asia, including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and the Koreas, as the conspiracy would have to be able to strengthen global players who may tend towards anti-Democratic Corporatist or State-controlled fascism. Obviously the very purpose of The European Union was to prevent a repeat of the root economic causes of the inter-European division and strife that already caused both World Wars; thus the Remnant Nazis and their offspring have made it a top priority to do everything possible to strengthen those nations who benefit most from a weakened European Union! Insuring the failure of The European Union is a significant part of their plan to undermine Democracy and Individual Human Rights, Liberties and Freedoms! Basically there is a two-prong strategy: indirectly help strengthen the most divisive or ineffective political forces within Europe and help strengthen the hand of those anti-Democratic states and Mega-Corporations that do not want a strongly competitive European Union able to become the wealthiest federation on Earth!

They also knew that they would have a relatively easy time infiltrating top government security and intelligence agencies throughout the world; simply by means of gathering vast amounts of information on the private lives of agents, blackmailing them and by offering financial incentives, as well as identifying those who would tend to have sympathy towards their ideology! But they would have to use proxies, in effect people who would share their goals but not control the purse strings or be able to link to them directly. The last thing they would want was to leave trails that would lead back to them.
And while some of the world’s top agencies have also come to understand that this has been happening; it is almost impossible to find direct links in order to be able to locate the actual inner-core of the Remnant Nazi Conspiracy!

With the advent of Television, Computers, Modern Commercialist Mass Media methods of Public Opinion and Behavior Manipulation, the Internet, Internet-based Background Security Check companies, Mobile Phones and all other related technologies, the brainwashed children and grandchildren of those re-organized Remnant Nazis are getting much, much closer to totally undermining and destroying all vestiges of true Democracy and Liberal society! There is no doubt that they could foresee the general trends already beginning in the late 40s and 50s. Dystopia novels were eagerly sought by these Remnant Nazis and their offspring. Philip K. Dick himself, author of various important Sci-Fi Dystopia stories, claims to have been approached by actual Nazis!

Today practically all of the less famous and relatively unknown intellectuals, especially those who would be at the forefront of helping prevent further degradation and erosion of Democracy and Liberal pro-social pro-individual-rights, are being cleverly disenfranchised, rendered poor and even destroyed by means of the incredibly clever and useful and almost-impossible-to-prove methods that are made possible by means of the Internet, Computerized Databanks, Information Storage and Retrieval systems. And the ability of the offspring of the Nazis, i.e. Remnant Nazis, to manipulate, endanger and even destroy the lives of any who might be able to expose their Giant Conspiracy is further helped by their ability to almost constantly and instantaneously monitor and undermine the lives, health and prospects of those who they manage to identify as being sufficiently ethical and intelligent enough to pose a threat to their long-term goal.

With the ability of the narco-traffickers and pseudo-religious terrorists to pose dire threats to the general safety and stability of society as a whole it is much easier for governments to further inadvertently provide these Remnant Nazis, who eventually will be (unless we wake up and stop them) in a position to take outright total control, the very technological means to control society and destroy or enslave all opposition like never before! What makes an already dangerous and bad situation worse is that there are already too many incidents of barbarism, brutality, severely unethical excessive use and abuse of the powers of authority, that are causing the general public to lose their ability to trust and have any confidence in what they assume are democratically elected officials; where-in-fact the elite rich and upper-class element of organized criminality are able to overwhelmingly manipulate public opinion and the behavior of most voters by the clever devices of fear-mongering, distortion of facts, and exaggeration of threats. In a sense Democracy barely exists today, and unless it is totally revived by the combined efforts of ethical activists then it will only be a matter of time that an economic collapse will leave plenty of opportunity for the Remnant Nazi Conspiracy to succeed! That said; if the world’s economy were to collapse then the chaos that would ensue would more likely escalate to Armageddon within weeks and then not even the Remnant Nazis will get the results they seek.

Because of this horrific and increasing ability of Remnant Nazis and their offspring to undermine and destroy Democracy, and to cleverly wipe out all ethical voices of dissent, the future of all human civilization is at risk! We must not forget that in reality there is no actual difference between jet-set-level organized criminals and Fascists/Nazis! And there is plenty of evidence of a direct connection between the narco-traffickers and terrorists and those two and Fascists/Nazis!

The only realistic hope humanity has is if enough of the elite rich are able to see that there really is no way to continue the façade of democracy, and that unless real democracy and human freedom is secured and maintained the danger of the collapse of democratic governments and a final mega-conflict is very high! Half-measures and fake changes will not work. The only really effective antidote to fascism is Ethical Governance that truly promotes, protects and insures Individual Human Rights, Liberties and Freedom, and which is sophisticated enough to create the right kind of oversight bodies and to insure the social security of alternative thinkers and self-educated intellectual geniuses (given that institutions of higher learning have been infiltrated a long time ago). But in order for government to govern ethically the masses need to be sufficiently educated about the vital importance of ethics and the need to understand the principle of mass-phenomena-effect or cumulative effect of public mass behavior. A society run mostly by technocrats and plutocrats is one that will become a Plutocratic Idiocracy in which violent chaos and social disorder overwhelms ethical law and order!
The Remnant Nazi Conspiracy cannot continue if the masses are sufficiently educated, informed and aware of the dangers. Unity-in-Diversity and Tolerance of Tolerant Others cannot continue to be compromised if there is to be true Democracy and without true Democracy there is no real freedom or liberty for anyone!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher

The assertions and theories presented above are backed-up by the evidence available and by the following sources:

http://www.ukinet.com/ (Uki Goñi is someone I have the utmost respect for. I have spoken to him about my theories in the past, and strongly reccomend that everyone visit his official website and learn what must become common knowledge sooner than later.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mn-C3hoSYY&feature=related (Unfortunately for many this is in Spanish, but it is worth knowing about.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZpWrlpHgUA (the problem in this video is that Mr. Marrs is telling a part-truth (most of what he has uncovered is true) but he himself is part of an agenda to undermine Liberal Democracy! But so much of what Marrs does state is absolutely on the money true. Marrs shows how he too is wrong when he seems to suggest that there is no real threat from terrorists! But the reality is that there is, and yet by taking such a line Marrs actually weakens the real anti-Fascist argument!)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Occult_Roots_of_Nazism (This is definitely a serious book that shows how dangerous the Nazis were.)

http://www.kentuckypress.com/viewbook.cfm?Category_ID=12&Group=83&ID=1048 (The Roots of Nazi Psychology...another powerful read with a very serious documentary style.).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D3nviUrC14 (Another very revealing Argentinian report on Nazis in Argentina and the research of Uki Goni in exposing the truth! Unfortunately for some it is also in Spanish).

http://www.hitlerargentina.com.ar/english/index.html (A site about substantial evidence that indicates the possibility that Hitler, Eva Brown and others managed to escape to and hide in the most remote area of Patagonia: Bariloche!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

About The Roman Polanski Controversy

Before you read this letter which I wrote to someone concerned about the apparent crime allegedly perpetrated in 197- by Roman Polanski allow me to qualify myself:

I find the mere idea that someone who is legally an adult would ever harm a minor (or another adult for that matter) abhorrent! It is totally unacceptable and inexcusable, albeit sometimes easily explainable, that anyone would go against the rights of another human being. The horrors of child abuse, of power-crimes against vulnerable children and minors in general, crimes which not only harm their actual direct victims but which endangers and harms society in general, crimes which destroy young people's willingness to even trust otherwise benevolent adults, need to be properly dealt with by all of responsibly liberal and progressive society! There is nothing normal, right and acceptable about those who harm others. The same goes for all crimes involving forced physical intimacy. Minors cannot make the right decisions and adults have no business being physically intimate with minors of any age! The law, however imperfect, is well intended when it comes to age-related protections. What minors going through puberty do with other minors goind through puberty is another issue entirely! Nor should these crimes be used as an excuse to commit another crime by conservatives trying to stop truly consentual intimacy between mature adults. GLBT RIGHTS ALL THE WAY! And the general public misperception about GLBT persons...that they may be more prone than so-called 'straight' people to harm minors...is also absolutely wrong and used to perpetrate hate crimes against responsible adults! Regardless of one's social identity, GLBT or Straight, Traditional or Kinky, the percentage of people who abuse people, who harm minors and society, is roughly the same!!!

Dear (name confidential),


As for Polanski; I would not be concerned if he was facing Her Majesty's courts here in the UK, but the US system is not what you think it is (even though Pres. Obama and V.P. Biden are also hoping to reform and improve it). If you are opposed to all forms of unethical torture, physical and psychological, then I doubt you would wish that unto anyone whose specific sick (and though explainable, not excusable) behaviour was in great measure the result of the unusual series of horrors Polanski went through. Being a child in a Holocaust Concentration Camp, your mother brutally murdered before your own eyes, and then within thirty years having your wife brutally murdered by Manson's fellow Psychopaths! His victim must have her rights respected. She seems to want it out of her mind and this may actually haunt her more than help her exact her right to just revenge. I think this case is very complex indeed. Nevertheless; I am not stating this because of any bias over his creative talents and accomplishments. If I were the Judge I would order him to make a realistic movie about the horrors young and vulnerable people suffer from monsters and from sick people. Yes; there is a distinction between those whose inhumanity is a monstrosity and those who suffered temporary insanity or chronic severe mental illness. This is about the principle: torturing people, no matter what, does nothing to further the cause of justice and makes us a dangerous lot if we do allow torture! I prefer the Norwegian Justice System. The US currently, even with Obama, still has what is really mostly truly a CRIMINAL Justice System! Neither victims nor culprits get justice! Mostly lawyers benefit.

I think your general anger and sentiment is justified, and Polanski should not get preferential treatment on account of his celebrity status. And I think he should be held accountable in a European court. But if it really does further haunt and harm Samantha (n. Gailey ) Geimer then we should take her feelings more into consideration. If she wants to have him forced to face his guilt (if he really has lied about his side of the story...he claims it was consentual...I tend to doubt him on this) then let him be exposed in European courts...not in the US.

In general I tend to stand by the side of the actual victims of crimes and not on the side of those who perpetrate them...even if there is evidence of a horrific childhood...but the ultimate criminals in this case are the Nazis, Fascists in general and Society at Large for being so intolerant of normal GLBT identity and normal mature consentual intimacy!!! If society would encourage sxual freedom between mature adults then I think these atrocities against children and minors would be less likely! There is a link!

Respectfully, best,


As for what I advise the world to do: put these sick people (I'm not talking about an incidental case involving someone who is not proven to be a serial threat) in closed adults-only communities where only other adults live and where loving, consentual, respectful adult-to-adult intimacy is actually encouraged! And when someone seems 'cured' they should have special adults-only villages, away from mainstream society, where they can live and work. If they want to visit regular villages, cities and other places then they should be escorted by overseers who can insure they don't harm anyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Free Advice Man Show

The Free Advice Man Show can be seen on The Free Advice Man's YouTube Channel!

The full version of the YouTube television show will be up and running every two weeks starting this October (sometime in the first week of).

It will feature Free Advice segments and a set of features such as:

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Unique Characters Created and Fully Animated By The Free Advice Man Himself!

The Next Funniest Joke In The World!

And more...

The goal is to get the show into full commercial syndication before the World ends, preferably before 2012...or at least a billion years thereafter...

Stay Tuned and Glued to The Free Advice Man Show...if you know what's good fer ya!


Constant and incessant viewing of The Free Advice Man Show may cause over one zillion possible things, possibly including some negative and harmful things, such as: Eternal Blindness of The Mind or Eyes or Both, Imaginary Friends Who Steal Your Leftovers, Cardiac Arrest Due To Dehydration Due To Constant Laughter Without Pause, Growing A Groucho Moustache Made Of Edible Licorice Ink, Becoming Brainwashed Into Believing In Shanty Claws, The Truth Fairy and Peter Panhandler, Learning How To Speak Reverse Mongolian In An Inaudible Whisper, Having Delusions About Being The Most Powerful Flea In The Universe, Cursing Yourself In Hungarian Sign Language While You Are Asleep, Creating Fascinating Classical Music Arias and Sonatas Under The Pseudonym Wolfgang Amadeus Zorba, Feeling Nausea Every Time Someone Says Shazbats, Annoying Tingling Sensations In Your Reticulum Majorum, Impersonating Mao Tse Tung and any number of his Forty Dwarfs, etc.... YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter To A Nostalgic Friendly

So, what's going on in your corner of the World?
Tried to chat with you via facebook...
As you know we're in London now...after several very difficult years in the US.
Though I seriously helped get the Obama-Biden Ticket elected, and the world may be safer as a result....though some things are troublesome and worrying about the way in which the MIC is behaving (first they ask these two fine gentlemen to save them, to reform the MIC (make it less lethal and more constructive) and the rest of the World from their extreme excesses under Shrub and Neo-Company: then they try pulling some fast ones here and there...like the vaccine and what not...hey, you don't have to be a Paleo-Con or Neo-Con or other Nazi-like creep to see that something ain't right about what's going on...)....so...as I was saying...though I seriously helped get these guys elected my own safety and welfare was in grave danger in the US.
London is a great place to live, but at a hefty price... The rents are disproportionately high, especially at a time like this....what with a near-collapse of the global economy....who would have thought that the London Banking and Financial Industries sector would be so full of IDIOTS! Even I, with all my visionary abilities and Future-Seeing could not manage to foresee that the one place one would have thought would be financially safest would end up being in such a mess! Then again; London's overall longterm prospects....provided the World economy does manage to stand up tall again (reformed and re-tuned)...are better than most other City States. Problem may yet be; to what degree do the Tories (so-called Conservative Party) win next year's elections... If they get too much power then all bets are off.... But I sense that they will just barely get in with a narrow majority, and the rise of the Xenophobic UKIP and racist BNP will probably, eventually, re-activate and energize the silent Progressive majority...or so we must hope... The European Union surely cannot continue as it is; heading into chaos under the weight of all the Euroskeptic and anti-EU Right-wing extremists and ultra-Nationalists... Something is bound to give and break the current deadlock... We all know that WW3 could easily begin in Europe once more! Even with all the cross-Chengen (hard to use the term 'ross-border') property ownership and inter-European business interests; unless the EU does become what it was really meant to be...more united and more respectful of individuals and their rights...there is a serious danger that major conflicts may yet break out and cause the whole shebang to self-destruct, sending down the whole world with it! In a sense; we're either going to see some really positive changes worldwide or the beginning of the end as Russia, China and India vie for power against the currently much-too-weak Euro-Atlantic-American Alliance... And the biggest source of danger comes from within! Public confidence in Official Authorities is waning BIG TIME (most of the rich and their peons are to blame for all that), and the lack of Ethics at all levels of society, excess Corruption and the ability of organized thugs to excessively infiltrate and exploit the whole mess is causing the level of intra-social paranoia to rise way too high! So...we're either going to see some very positive changes in Europe (I include Australia and New Zealand here) and America (excluding Mexico) or the CRAP IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN SO BAD THAT..that we'll not know what hit us all until its too late!
Perhaps the actual discovery of evidence of truly intelligent life beyond our Solar stellar system would be what is needed to pull humanity together again! And, as I have been arguing for ages; chances are very good that we will discover THEM within our lifetime! Even if we may only get to SEE their presence WAY OUT THERE it will be enough to cause enough change on this endangered Pearl of a Planet of OURS! I think this OBSERVATION will take place within the next two years! PREPARE YOURSELF! A little initial chaos and incredulity will sweep over the World, but shorlty thereafter TRADITIONAL RELIGION and EXTREMISM will PLUMETT! Long Live The Glorious Memory of His Royal Highness, His Majesty, King Charles the 2nd of England! (Do your own research into why he was so special!).
More another time!
PS: I am going to publish this letter as (a letter to a Nostalgic Friendly of Mine). See it at my "The official Free Advice Man Blog"... and your OPINIONS and QUESTIONS are truly welcome! Avoid the vaccine...listen to what Dr. Horowitz (no...not that racist sicko pseudo-Professor who riles people against Islam) has to say about Vitamin D and Silver Oxide water....(YouTube). Check out my CREATIVE WORKS via my website: